Marketenderiet is an old historical factory building located in the Western part of Copenhagen in a new up-coming area. With its raw interior and floor-to-ceiling windows the building has a special aura and tranquility that is perfect for all types of events, from conferences and exhibitions to receptions and dinners.

Historical building with modern facilities

Though the building Marketenderiet is old, it is updated with all modern features including colored led lights, sound isolated ceilings and new modern toilet facilities.

The name “Marketenderiet”, is the Danish version of the Latin word “mercado”, which means “to trade” and it was originally used as a staff canteen for all the workers in this former factory area.

725 m2 multi-room

Marketenderiet is a large 725 square meter multi-room, 9,5 meters high that handles all types of events. Because of the flexible space, the room is easily and elegantly divided into multiple areas, suitable for breaks and exhibition area.

In addition, if your event requires even further space, the smaller Montagehallen – with 3 meeting rooms and rawest factory style atrium – is located right next door to Marketenderiet.

The perfect venue for conferences

It is not only Marketenderiet that has been through a great development in recent years. Valby Maskinfabrik – as the area we live in is called – is an area in rapid development. Things are going really fast out here, so from being a boring industrial quarter until a few years ago, it is today one of the most attractive quarters in Valby.

725 m2 multi-room

With unlimited possibilities

Up to 650 guests

No matter what kind of event you are hosting

Complete in-house-catering

Have manage everything from coffee to gourmet dinners

Centrally located

Central Copenhagen – easy access to public transportation

Good parking facilities

And lots of free parking possibilities

Pleasant patio

Ideal for breakouts during events

An extraordinary experience

We would like to provide our guests at Marketenderiet and Montagehallen with an extraordinary experience right from the moment they arrive. Therefore, we always have dedicated staff to handle the events booked from start to end and only one event in the building is hosted at a time.

Expect something out of the ordinary

We work hard to create the very best memory of Marketenderiet and Montagehallen and you can expect something out of the ordinary for all your events, large or small. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer!

Full in-house catering services

Marketenderiet has its own kitchen and offers full in-house catering services for events of all sizes, also at Montagehallen. We have no fixed menu. Each event is carefully planned and coordinated according to your wishes.

Professional catering at any event

Our catering company, Nordic Catering, can also be booked for picnics, sandwiches, lunches and dinners in other locations. We aim to produce fresh and good quality food at competitive rates.

Close to everything – even your car

Marketenderiet and Montagehallen are centrally located in Copenhagen. Valby Station is 8 minutes away in walking distance, with access to both S-trains, regional trains and busses, as well as parking facilities in the area. There is also plenty of space for coaches to deliver and pick up.

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